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Terarossa Lodge is very proud to present our stallion Bastiaan 510 Sports Elite

Terarossa Lodge Friesians's stallion Bastiaan 510 is now 12 years old, sired by Jisse 433, out of a Tsjerk 328 mare. Braggo is 164cm. His dam is a Kroon Preferent Sport mare. His mother line then goes, Ster Pref 7, Model Pref 7, Ster Pref 6. His ABFP scores were 81.5 ridden and 77 driven.

He was imported to Australia in 2013 and is the only approved stallion in Australia.

Bastiaan's outstanding temperament, elevated movement and willingness to work bring a powerful combination of sought after traits to Australian breeders. He currently has a 66% 1st premie and 34% 2nd premie ranking with all his foals presented at keurings. His eldest daughter has recently become ster and gained an IBOP of 77% at the keurings in March 2019.

He has been in Australia since October 2013 and he has already made his mark on the Friesian community. He has won Champion Friesian both led and ridden at every show that he has been presented at including the Melbourne Royal held in January 2014 and 2015, where he won Champion Led Purebred Friesian, Champion Ridden Friesian Exhibit and Supreme Friesian Exhibit. He has also gained his Bronze Roll of Merit trophy from the AFHS for In Hand Showing and Show Riding and his Gold Roll of Merit trophy for Dressage.

He has also been competing at EA level dressage in Pre St George and has now gained his Sports Elite Predicate under the expert training of Jeremy Janjic.

At Equitana 2014 Braggo stole the show. He not only got selected to be in the Dressage Masterclass and a Private one on one session with Charlotte Dujardin and Judy Harvey but World Champion Charlotte chose to ride Braggo herself in the Masterclass. We couldn't have been more proud of our stallion. Braggo S also won Equitana Horse of the Year in the breed showcase judged by three international judges. At Equitana 2016 he once again was named "Horse of the Year" in an unprecedented back to back win.

Bastiaan 510 is currently standing at stud back in the Netherlands. He will be living and training at Stal Chardon until after the 2021 european breeding season has finished. He will then return to Australia for our 2021/2022 breeding season.