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Denzel of Terarossa

Gelding born 23/10/17

Braggo S x Bellize (Denni)

Denzel is a foal with that WOW factor. Both his parents are Melbourne Royal Supreme Friesian Exhibit winners. The show ring is where he was destined to be. He has beautiful floating movement and loveable personality. Just weaned and waiting for his new home.

$12000 incl GST

Elke of Terarossa

Filly born 15/10/17

Braggo S x Kismet of Terarossa (Hilwert)

Our only filly for the 2017 season, and Elke knows she is special. Born a rare silver black, just like her dam, Elke will mature to be non fading. She is extremely feminine with a petite head and sculptured ears. She will mature over 16hhs and will be of a modern classic build.

$14000 incl GST

Elias of Terarossa

Gelding born 27/10/17

Braggo S x Saske of Terarossa (Gjalt 426)

Elias is the first foal out of our imported in utero mare Saske and he didn't disappoint us. He has been stamped with his dam's loveable temperament and his sire's movement. Will make a great dressage or showing prospect.

$12000 incl GST

Denero of Terarossa

Gelding born 12/11/17

Braggo S x Frelle fan Lutke Peinjum (Nanno 372)

Full brother to Cedric and also an ET foal, Denero, or Robert, as he is affectionately known, is the last Frelle foal as she has now been retired. Bred for the dressage market, Robert has three expressive paces and a trainable personality. He is now weaned and ready to go to a new home.

$12000 incl GST

Cedric of Terarossa
Gelding born 11/12/16
Braggo S x Frelle fan Lutke Peinjum (Nanno 372)
Only just born in this photo this is another embryo transfer foal. His dam is imported ster mare Frelle, raised by a recipient mare. He will be a modern colt, breed specifically for the dressage arena. He has amazing movement, just like his full siblings Tafari and Wiebe.
$12000 incl GST