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Our Dogs

We are expecting a couple of litters this year some time, but we currently have a very long wait list. Most likely the wait time for one of our pups is approximately 12-18 months.

Terarossa Pipers Symphony
Tilly is the daughter of Jewel and Ch Trigolden Highland Piper born in 2016. She has hip scores of 1:3 and 0:0 elbows. Her first litter in 2018 gave us 7 girls and a boy of which we retained one for future breeding and her second litter in 2020, she had 5 boys and a girl. We once again kept the girl for future breeding. She will now have a break for 12-18 months before having her final litter.

Terarossa Luna Eclipse

Luna is Jewel's daughter born in 2017 also sired by Trigolden Highland Piper. She has hip scores of 6:3 and elbows 0:0. She has just recently had her first litter, 8 girls and a boy. All of these pups have new homes and we expect to have another litter with Luna in about a year. 

Terarossa Harpers Bazar

Harper is Tilly and Supreme Champion Adorninggold Eye of the Storm's daugher born in 2018. She had her first litter in October 2020 and will hopefully have another in about 12 months time. She has hip scores of 6:3 and elbows 0:0.

Terarossa Raise Your Glass

Pria, as she is known at home is also a daughter of Tilly and a full sister to Harper. She has just turned one year old and had her inital testing done. She scored hips 4:6 and elbows 0:0. 

Crowlee Kiss Me

Jewel is sired by Ch. Iamgolden Fair Dinkum. She has scored an impressive 2:0 for her hip score and 0:0 for her elbows. She is now retired from stud after two litters of which we kept two daughters, Tilly and Luna.

Terarossa Vanity Fair

Darby is a daughter of Gemma sired by Perzgold Star Worrior CDX ADX JD.  Darby has been used in school and kindergarten programs for young children to teach them dog awareness.  So far Darby has whelped one litter to Ribbonwood Carbon Copy and a second litter by Gr. Champion Trigolden Luv to Tango.  She has hip scores of 3:4 and a clear eye certificate.  Darby was laid to rest in December 2020 at 14 years of age. 

Pups from our recent litters.